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Long Time No Update! [27 Dec 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Gawd i haven't updated this thing for month methinks i shud at least do this once a month from now on at least. Christmas was quite good went to my aunty and uncles. Yesterday cousins came round had a laff and stuff but i hate the feeling of it all being over =( ahh well. At the momento im single and actually liking it! :S thats really weird for me! lol. anyways hope everyones ok. I wish everyone wud get their asses back on here! Well duno wot i'm doin the rest of the week prolly seeing family, doing dreaded coursework and shopping! Dontcha luv the sales!! Bargins galore! anyway im off. Cya'll Lv Me xxxxx ♥

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Questionz [08 Sep 2005|10:29am]
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )
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[03 Sep 2005|02:03pm]
[ mood | <3 ]

hellooo! gawd not updated here for aaaages. :) needing to change the layout but cannot be assed. expage is down i think. well 4 me anyways. argghh that means i will actually hav to do my coursework out of bordokm. sucks =(. well on thursday my lurrrvly Joe came up <33 it was kool. we "watched" hitch. (the inverted commas actually mean that we didn't watch hitch lol :p. Goin to leeds tomoz hopefully not that i kno hu with yet but hopes i will find sum1 lol. hmmm this holi has gone toooooo fast. wish we had just another 2weeks! and that i had got all my c/wk and shiit out of the way before i started having fun but ahh well apparently almost every1 is in the same boat. I mean i do kinda wanna go back to school but after the first week i will be hating it again for sure! Arggh enuff ranting. I got dance exams sooon arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am sooo gonna fail at this rate. i haven't done any theory and still don't know sum of the dances. pooooo. spose i will pull it off coz a week before i will probs go through everything non stop. (sad i kno). well todays gonna be another boooring day but next week i'm gonna be out like all day everyday. monday - town maybe see Jordan and dancing, Tuesday - Kates bday thing, Wednesday - Goin to tinker with liam and co, get my hair done (ideas plz!), Thusday - Get sorted for school, do last minute coursework, dancing. arggh tooo busy but its all gud. well i'm gonna go now and listen to my new favourite song lalala. byee Lv Loz <3x

*<3 ]-[ ][ ]\/[ <3* - new album sooooon yayayay

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[01 Aug 2005|01:15am]
[ mood | awake ]

Heya darlins. Im just a bit boreds at the moment. Hmm glad to say i've calmed down bout the whole Gav thing, i don't really care anymore. Anyways wot the hell av i been up 2? Well went out with Amy shoppin, cinema & pizzahut it's all goood! THen came home got pished hehe. Went to the gym on thursday and man was it good! it was quiet as well so we cud make the most of it. Umm mayb goin shoppin 2moz hu knos. Dancings doin well. Exams soon arggh. Hmm i've been making a new site and stuff. Started reading To Kill A Mockingbird it isn't actually that bad & started RE coursework. gawwd lol. Anyway i'm out cyaa lozz x PS Sum1 releave my bordom and do sommat with me! any offers? lol byeeeee x

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=| =[ =( ='( ='''''( [27 Jul 2005|10:41pm]
[ mood | Heartbroken & used ]

At the moment i feel like crap. Gavs just txt me & sed he didn't want to go out with me AT THE MO coz he needed to SORT HIS LIFE OUT? Plz sum1 translate that into wot he really means. Personally i think he's lettin me down gently. I am fucking sick of havin bfs that cudnt give 2 shits bout me. It really isnt fair. Ive now had 3 bfs that hav done the same in less than half a yr & i don't kno if i can take it agen. I mean dus he think im gonna hang on like a piece of string until he's ready to b with me? until he can b botherd? until he can make time? hes wrong. this isn't fair. ='(. I feel so alone. Ppl prolly think im over reacting but it isn't that im updet i haven't got a bf its just im really angry that they can be sooo insensitive. Anyway thats enuff ranting. Bye xx

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Hellooo x Im bck [25 Jul 2005|03:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Hey! Sorry not updated in aaages but been busy with this and that! Sung at broughton hall, schools 40th anniversary. Went well-ish lol. Did D of E gaawwd it was hard doin that and the choir gala concerts at night! Every1 seemed to be complaining about me which was annoying 2! >:[ "Ure wlkin too slow" the next minute "ure wlkin too fast!" sheesh! can't do anything bloody right! Anyways enuff ranting bout that shiit. Hmm soo far this hold i haven't done much. Saw Gav Thursday <3xx went to his house, it was guud. I also tried riding on the back of my cousins new scooter she must of being going 40 mph! i was scared shiitless lol. It was cool tho. Today not done alot. Attempted to tidy my room but at the moment i can't even get into it without steppin on sommat! lol. ekk i dunno where to start! grr lol. hmm i got tap dancin 2nite but i don't wanna go coz exams and medal tests are soon and i kno every1s gonna be stressed & that. ahh wells methinks i shud do quite well but i'm dreading the tap medal test as i don't actually know ANY of the dance lol. ahh wells. I wanna see my baby! =( I need a hug. Im bored. Anyway i best b off gotta finish tidyin so i shall see you nxt yr! lol. Buhh Byee me darlins *kisses* xLXoXzx

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x†°Wots the worst that I cud say? Things r better if i stay, So long & gdnite, So long not gdnite°†x [29 Apr 2005|07:38pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Hellooo =). Wells wot av i been up 2? I have worked on my site, i now av some lurvly pics up hehehe *devilish smiles* =P. OMG i was really freaked out a min a go.. i was in the kitchen and my mum and dad had popped out and i turned the cold water tap and it didn't work! i thort a fly was gonna come buzzing out of it lol (like in The Ring) *shivers*. Today i feel alot better, i still have a cold but i think a long soak in the bath did the trick hehe, wish Ste cud of joined me tho lololz. 2moz im goin to the gym yay! & then to pizza hut with Emma. Shud be gud gud. I can't w8 to go to the gym tho coz i reaaally do feel fat. Anyways im offs to go be boreds. OoOo i wrote a song last noite well i finished writing one and started another. And im learning to play Helena on guitar whoohoo \m/(x_x)\m/. Wells cya l8a toooodles xXx PS Like my member pic hehe. I lurrrve that bit =p *Sings* "When love is a gun....."

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=) =) =) [27 Apr 2005|04:12pm]
[ mood | Okipoki ]

Everythings gud..apart from im still poorly and its parents evening 2nite arggh *runs n hides* Mum and dad have just goone im not going coz i'm still not well. I rang Ste last nite, it was gud to hear him <3. Hmmm im boreds. I shud be revising but fuck it im poorly!!! Just chatting to Ste at the moment, got hwk 2 do and i shall have to go to skool 2moz if i wanna go to stage 84 but i reaaaaally don't feel like it...i need to go dancin tho coz i don't wanna get behind on the lion king dances....yayay we r doing circle of life which looks proper good and i just can't wait to be king which is fun and funni! Wells im offs now... Bye xXx =)

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Argghhh! 2 old! lol...wot do u think?...how old do i act? leave a comment... [25 Apr 2005|08:29pm]

You Are 21 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

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OoOoO interesting..... hmmm lolz [25 Apr 2005|06:35pm]

Your Seduction Style: Ideal Lover

You seduce people by tapping into their dreams and desires.
And because of this sensitivity, you can be the ideal lover for anyone you seek.
You are a shapeshifter - bringing romance, adventure, spirituality to relationships.
It all depends on who your with, and what their vision of a perfect relationship is.

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hmmm wud u agree?.....*thinks*....... [25 Apr 2005|06:31pm]

Your Taste in Music:

Adult Alternative: High Influence
Alternative Rock: High Influence
Punk: High Influence
80's Alternative: Medium Influence
80's Pop: Medium Influence
80's Rock: Medium Influence
90's Alternative: Medium Influence
Classic Rock: Medium Influence
80's R&B: Low Influence
90's Hip Hop: Low Influence
90's Pop: Low Influence
90's R&B: Low Influence
90's Rock: Low Influence
Dance: Low Influence
Hair Bands: Low Influence
Progressive Rock: Low Influence

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Worrying.... [25 Apr 2005|06:28pm]

Your Brain is 53.33% Female, 46.67% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

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[25 Apr 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | Worrrrrried n poorly ]

wtf has been goin on? Wells at the moment im worried. U probs all kno y. lol. i just hope that its not wot i fink. *worrrrys* ahh wells Wednesdays parents evening whoohoo! and im dreading it coz i did crappy in tests apart from geog whoohoo A!!!! I hope i get a B or A in music 4 my composition i finks i shud do coz miss seemed really impressed. Wells im gonna go dance now. I will rite after he's rung me 2nite...thats if he does. I will either b really =) or really =(. Cross ure fingers!!! Luv Me xXxXx Ps check out my webby http://expage.com/xyoursweet666x Cia xXx

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Im backs! [15 Apr 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | Shatterd... ]

Halloo. Like ma lil headbanger =) aint it cuute! Its been tests all this week arggghh poo! lol ahh well ive done crap in most ov them. i fink ive done well in english, re, child dev and music, okish in geog, but totally crap in the rest. Glad its ova now. I really want a party 2 let off steam! I can't believe i got an english assignment due in for monday and i really cant do it!!! also got spanish c/w.
Me n Darryl splits, it just wasn't going well anymore, i felt different, i broke up with him btw. Hmms soo rite now enjoying tha single life! =).
Gointo the gym tomoz 1st time in aaages! ive just been too busy. Then goin 2 see ring 2 or sommat else and pizza hut shud b gd.
Sooo how do u lot think the tests went? Poor kate in maths <3 *hugles* lol. I was a bit like that in physics lol i guessed most of it haha! (partly to do with me revising from 11pm-12am...fallin asleep for 1 1/2 hrs then waking up n deciding i need to revise at like 1.30am till 2.30am! So i didn't take much of it in...child dev was pretty simple tho.
Didn't go dancing was too tired, didn't go singing either, certain personagges kno where i was lol i.e amy,loz n marykate (kate) but shhhshhh!.
Arghh spanish gcse soonly. All i want is a c or higher n i'll b happy.
Wells im offs cia l8a byeeeees x X x X x
Btw 1 things 4 sure....im over Greg, i was over him bout 2months ago actually. Any1 hu dusnt believe will hav me 2 deal with!! U kno wot i mean *certain person*..

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[08 Apr 2005|08:40pm]
[ mood | writing ]

look at my gorgeous photos...



wells not alot to report. crappy tests next week. plz every1 come back! im lonely no1 updates anymore =(boohoo. GREAT NEWS! i hav msn back yayayay *jumps in air* no crappy slow webmsger anymore. I learnt wishing u were somehow here agen frm phantom of the opera at my private singing, well i already knew it but ya kno... miss R says i'll deff get a B or above in moosic! yay! Had a service 4 pope..nice reading marie..well im gonna go finish making my webby shud b done soon i'll let u kno! buh bye toodles x x x


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<3 +*+*+ FLy AwAy FoR LoVe +*+*+ <3 [27 Mar 2005|08:48pm]
[ mood | Creative & Thoughtful ]

Hola mis amigos! well had a gr8 hol so far wen to settle with emma which was gr8 lots of stuff to tell but not for on here! I have finished writing two songs "fly away for love" and "It cuts deep" they are pretty good i reckon. Fly away for love is about a guy n girl who can't be together so they jump off a building to be with each other in a different life kind of thing (bit like Romeo and Juliet) and It cuts deep is kinda a true story surely u'll get it if you know me. I'm writing one called "superficial love (user)" which is also true.

Easters been pretty boring to tell you the truth, haven't done much today yesterday though i went to pizzahut and cineworld i saw constantine it was brilliant i'm buying it! I finally watched the Grudge with Haylie too bits made me jump it was pretty good i'm buying it and when constantines out i'm buying that aswell. I went to this dance thing with emma and her mum n dad last nite aswell then slept over and it was really kool so i think im gonna start its like modern ballroom on a wednesday nite which will mean my weekly calender of stuffs wud b...

monday: tap dance
tuesday: gym (sometimes)
wednesday: school choir and ballroom
thursday: spanish and stage 84 performing arts
friday: guitar, private singing, modern dance and stage 84 choir
saturday: gym
sunday: sometimes stage84 rehearsals
plus shows!

Forgot to tell u ive started going to the gym and im on a diet so far doing well i lost 4pounds but ive put 2 back on my mum thinks its coz im building up muscles i hope so. I am toning up though i can tell =).

Today i watched 10things i hate about you, haven't watched it in donkeys! lol. I also watched Buffy it was the one where they were all singing the songs...hmmm spike!

Well i think i will go listen to HIM! OMG aparently villes cut his hair off! =( *cries* ahh well i still luv him! I've been painting pics of Ville actually they aren't bad but not gr8 lol. Well i thinks im offskies byeees!

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~So let go, don't cry, this way r love will stay, just jump but hold onto me, and we'll fly awaaay!~ [15 Mar 2005|04:10pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Halloo! sorry ive not been keeping up with this. had alot going on in me life. Well i did a competition/festival thing with stage84 and we won r choir catagory! yayay! we bet this snobby nothern youth choir and they looked totally pissed off hahaha!
Hmm ooooo i've been chosen by a casting agency to go to an audition in manchester (probs granada studios) for this commercial thing and i have to learn to tlk geordy! yiiiikes! i'll never do it but ahh well i'll give it a blast.
Poor greg i hope ure okay. U gotta c the funny side though lolololol. ahh im mean so fucking wot tho. We got our english stories back i got an A- im very proud! yups. Can someone tell me y chris has to pick fights with me all the time. Is it something to do with that im kates friend? i dunno. ahh well he hates me and always has u shud of been in OLV then u wud kno wot i meant.
It was sooo annoying today! i speant practically all night doin a music composition and today i recorded or shud i say thort i recorded it! The damn thing wasn't plugged in, i'm going back at lunch 2moz to do it.. Adele n Fliss probs won't b happy... (sommat that happnd 2day) I like my compo it's actually quite good =) The lyrics to the chorus are the title up above ^^^ it's HIM and Romeo and Juliet inspired. Hmm those new guys were in music Michael played my gutar he looked soo cuuute! lol. Easter litergies went shit Miss B made us mess up! grr she started singing too early. There were no mics and i had a sore throat plus i really can't sing in the morning but ahh well "shit happens".
Anyways i'm stuck in a tricky situation... i'm going out with Darryl but i really like sum1 else argggh! i don't want to but i can't help it. LIFE! Can't wait till the hols i need a rest! (not that i'll get 1! lol) Rite i better b off 2 get a bath & then i'm goin to daz's =). xXx

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meh meh meh meh [06 Mar 2005|10:02pm]
[ mood | noffingness ]

yoyoyo. haven't had chance to write this week. my comp is fucking knackerd grrr! I h8 Greg...can't be bothered explain y exactly basically coz we wud be sat here till next yr soo if u wanna kno ask. Well this week has been crappy. I have had 2 much hwk its not fair i haven't had a social life this week. Yesterday Amy, Emily, Darryl and moi went to town shoppin 4 mothers day prezzies i got my mummy sum pink roses and a bath and perfume set from next =). Bumped into sawah n marie... btw marie u really suit glasses! lol. yesh and then darryl came bk here. 2day i went to singing rehearsal, im doin a competition nxt week with stage 84, beki s sed that debut wud kick r ass but sumhow i don't think. We have a 4 part harmony going on and really kool songs and fab singers so we r easily gonna kick debuts ass lololol. anyways yesh 2day was gud i have to practice tho the soprano part is v v v hard i have to reach higher than a top C i hope it goes ok *worries* well we have a practice tuesday so thats k. well im offs now i got english, french, chem & maths 2 doo oops. bye byes *wavez* lv ure ikkle biatch x x x

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SNOW DAAAAAAY! WAHAAAAAAY! [24 Feb 2005|07:49pm]
[ mood | Thinking about sum1 ]

YAYAYAYAYAYAY its shnow day =). I luv the shnow! Hmm well 2day i woke up @ 7:15 went into my mum to tell her off 4 not waking me up and then i looked out of the window and went "woooow!" Its soooo deep in oakworth! hmm tis gud. We then spent about half an hour deciding whether i shud attempt going to skool at all and finally decided there wud be no point. Yups so today i played on my ps2, watched tv and went on msn. I've just finished my hwk. The bad thing about the snow is no stage 84 tonight =( =( =( i wanted to go this week aswell! boohoo! ahh well. It's weird coz i had a dream that all the snow had melted over night and it was pouring down with rain hahaha!

I missed spanish and french 2day *ahem*. But im not 2 bothereds. ooo phones just rung....1momento....OMFG! I've just been on the fone for 1 1/2 hrs talking to Emma (not emma l) and i dunno wot it is but we connect so well and she just knows how i feel about certain stuff, she likes the same stuff as me etc etc.

Dunno if i'll be going to skool but i think its doubtful i'll be let off another day =( poo! Me and Darryl had a very deep kinda conversation...but it's not for here ask and i'll tell. Well g2 now and watch fat friends... i'm trying to lose weight its been quite successful so far ive lost a lil bit =). well cyaaas Lv<3Me xXx

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[22 Feb 2005|04:13pm]
[ mood | i was angry but now im ok =) ]

Darryls just rung =) hes ringing bk in a min actually. We are meeting up 2morrow dunno wot we r doin tho. i finks hes comin up here. Dont u just h8 sum ppl...hu think they r so gr8 and that every1 luvs them...no im not mentioning any names *cough cough*. The Pe incident im tlking about.. i mean just ause they kno i wanted to do step aerobics the whole lot of them gang up on me and choose it and then wen they saw me wlkin over to hockey SHE starts shoutin stuff like *cocky townie voice...* "serves u rite 4 bein spoilt, ure selfish, u always want ure own way well this time u have'nt got it, ure pathetic etc etc" arggggh. And 4 HER information i wasn't upset coz i didn't get my own way i was mad coz them lot were shoutin shit. Anyway.....

Yay in music i get to analyse a HIM song. I think im going to do don't fear the reaper coz its got loads of different parts to it like the pianoy bit and lots of different musical devices (hmm yup sounds gd doesn't it lol), good lyrics and stuff. I'm starting work on my gcse solo composition 2. i did a bit 2day but not enuff so shall hav to do more b4 thurs.

Well i fink im gonna go work a bit on my compos. now actually cya l8aaa! Lv me x xx x xx x

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